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     Legacy Retirement Solutions LLC was fortunate enough to participate at the 15th Annual National Association of Pension Advisors (NAPA) last month in Nashville, TN. We sponsored a booth which enabled us to talk to pension advisors as well as other retirement plan professionals regarding the important services a third party administrator brings to the table for a retirement plan. It gave us a platform to create new relationships, keep up to date on how the industry changes and to share our story of how we work with financial advisors and wholesalers to bring the best retirement plan to the plan sponsors we work with.

     This was a big step for Legacy as this was our first booth at a major retirement plan industry conference. The experience was great and we hope to continue to get our name out there so we have the opportunity to grow our business and help plan sponsors get the benefits they are looking for from their retirement plan.

 Here is our booth:


 Napa booth