With the ever increasing need for complete disclosure; managing and maintaining all of the documents, forms, testing results, tax filings, etc. has become a daunting and exhaustive task. In addition, the regulatory agencies charged with auditing and investigating retirement plans continue to raise their expectations with respect to the formal policies and procedures implemented and maintained by retirement Plan Sponsors in order to facilitate the compliant operation of their plan.

Legacy is here to help your Company satisfy these requirements and expectations by offering 3 different levels of Plan Year Compliance reporting for the Defined Contribution plans from our Standard and our Plus, right up to our Premium. Each Plan Year report is designed to help your Company maintain a “single source” organized and streamlined record of a prior Plan Year’s operation. We also have a compliance package for our Defined Benefit/Cash Balance Plans. Below is a listing of each Plan Year Compliance package offered along with a list of included reports and pricing. Please contact us for more information.